Produce Bags (Reusable)
Produce Bags (Reusable)
Produce Bags (Reusable)
Produce Bags (Reusable)
Produce Bags (Reusable)

Produce Bags (Reusable)

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Forget feeling guilty while doing your grocery shopping, and take your ecological game to the next level with our sustainable, machine washable produce bags. With three sizes in one pack, you'll never be stuck "bagless" again. Get creative with your choice of colors and pat yourself on the back for being an earth-friendly shopper. Enjoy your guilt-free veggies!

  • Lightweight bags made from a stretchy mesh fabric
  • Hemmed with cotton fabric
  • Pull closed with drawstring on both sides
  • Strong and durable
  • Three bags in each pack. Includes the following sizes:

                 Small – 25cm x 30cm

                 Medium – 30cm x 38cm

                 Large – 35cm x 45cm

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Why choose us?

Ethically Made

These handmade products are made by women who have graduated from the sewing program at Human and Hope Association in Cambodia. This job enables them to earn an income at home, working at their own pace and taking care of their children at the same time. 

Proceeds Support Charity

Proceeds from your purchases support Human and Hope as we continue to empower communities to reduce inequality. We fund education, vocational training and community development programs run by local staff in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Chomrong has not only lifted her family out of poverty, but also now teaches her vocational skills to other women. As a child she left school early to work in construction for a dollar a day. After marrying and having three children, Chomrong wanted to change her life. She studied in HHA Cambodia's sewing program; excelled and set up her own business. From this, Chomrong built a new home, sends her children to school, and inspires other women in her role as a sewing teacher with HHA Cambodia.