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“Hope is being able to see that there is light when all you see is darkness.” Desmond Tutu

In a world where we are surrounded by darkness, we choose light. We choose hope.

Hope on Purpose was created to raise funds to provide education through ethical travel and ethical shopping. Funds raised through our high-quality tourism, learning opportunities and handicrafts support Human and Hope Association (HHA), a grassroots, Cambodian led and run not for profit.  HHA provides education across language, sewing and farming to all members of their community so they can support their families and ultimately their whole community. Through our various channels, Hope aims to increase awareness of ethical travel as well as support the work of the many members of this changed and transformed community.

When you support us, you are contributing to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Hope – Travel On Purpose is an ethical travel venture that enables everyday citizens of the world to travel to a culturally significant and marginalised community. Travellers will be immersed in education, learning and experience a new way of travelling with minimal footprint and maximum personal growth.

Hope – Learn On Purpose is a learning opportunity for companies, schools, universities and service clubs. Through it, we aim to find the best ways to help people in low-income countries, and spread the message that Cambodians are resourceful, resilient, innovative and best placed to solve issues in their communities.

Hope – Shop On Purpose is our handicraft arm where all those inspiring makers who were trained through Human and Hope Association are able to sell their creations and work to support other marginalised members of their community to gain vital training and support to better their lives.


Where your money goes

Human and Hope Association is an entirely Khmer run organisation, that aims to alleviate poverty in Cambodia through grassroots projects focused on empowering  locals through education, vocational training and community development. Human and Hope Association was founded in March 2011 when a group of villagers saw an absence of education in their commune. They knew that education was the key to alleviating poverty in Cambodia, as many hadn’t received the opportunity to be educated themselves.

We are proud to be helping alleviate poverty in Cambodia through the following programs:

Education Programs: Human and Hope Association’s education programs are designed to supplement the public-school learnings of children aged between five and 18. Human and Hope Association provides classes that include art, English and Khmer language, pre-school, living values and library access. These classes enable the children who attend to fill the gaps in their learning which often result from their overcrowded and challenging journeies through the Cambodian public school system, meaning they are better able to take steps towards the positive future they want for themselves.

Vocational Programs: Human and Hope Association’s primary vocational training program is a ten-month Sewing Program, which integrates with the Home Sewing Business and Sewing Cooperative. These flagship programs teach participants the basics of sewing through to the skills behind creating elaborate ceremonial tops. Additionally, students also learn about chemical-free farming and life skills as part of a holistic teaching approach to support them in their everyday life. As a result, participants are empowered with the skills and confidence to support themselves and their families.

Community Support Programs: Human and Hope Association also engages in a range of community support programs, which are designed to reach the poorest members of the communities they are active in. These programs are designed to service those within communities who might otherwise be overlooked, and to provide them with opportunities to engage in learnings that they can use to better their situation. They include a community outreach program, regular community workshops, a family farm program and access to educational scholarships

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