Our Makers

Our products are crafted by skilled graduates of the sewing program at Human and Hope Association Cambodia, located in the rural region of Siem Reap. These women have persevered through difficult circumstances to acquire valuable skills and disrupt the cycle of poverty, leading their families to a better future.

By choosing to Shop on Purpose, you are providing these women with an opportunity to earn a sustainable income. Your purchases not only benefit these women and their families, but also contribute to the overall well-being of the community.


Sangorb left school at eight to care for her family's cows. Being illiterate, she struggled to find decent-paying jobs. Sangorb later married and lived in a bamboo shack, struggling to survive.

However, in 2015, Sangorb joined HHA Cambodia's sewing program, excelling and starting a successful sewing business. She now sews for neighbors and produces HHA Cambodia's products at home.

Thanks to her income from sewing, Sangorb and her husband built a new home in 2017, lifting their family out of poverty.



Sreythom, one of seven children, left school in seventh grade to work as a cleaner and support her family. As a housewife, she struggled with health issues. HHA Cambodia discovered her in 2017 during outreach in her village, where Sreythom expressed a long-standing interest in sewing.

After completing a 12-month program, she was hired to make HHA products and has become more patient and confident. Her income from sewing has lifted her family out of poverty.


Sampheas left school in ninth grade to care for her siblings. After marrying at 20, she became a single mother when her husband left her with two children. She struggled to support them on low-paying jobs as a housekeeper and construction worker.

Encouraged by her family, Sampheas enrolled in HHA Cambodia's sewing program with the goal of opening her own shop. She excelled in the program and was hired as a seamstress by the organisation. She now earns triple her previous income and runs a small sewing shop from home. She's also studying English in HHA Cambodia's education program.


Chomrong had to quit school in eighth grade due to poverty and worked as a builder for USD$0.88 a day. Living day by day, she was unsure if her family would have enough to eat. After joining HHA Cambodia's sewing program, Chomrong's motivation to learn was evident.

She started a home-based business and became a seamstress for HHA Cambodia. Her children also began attending HHA Cambodia's preschool and learning programs. Chomrong now works as a part-time sewing teacher and plays a significant role in product development. Her family has moved out of poverty and built a new home.


Heang dropped out of school in grade eleven due to financial issues. She worked as a housekeeper but faced another obstacle when she refused an arranged marriage and had to leave her family to marry the man she loved. With a baby and no job, they struggled with poverty until Heang was offered a sewing program at HHA Cambodia.

Despite the one-hour commute on a rough road, Heang completed the program and started her own sewing shop. With savings and support from her husband, she later added a laundry washing business.