Picnic Rug
Picnic Rug
Picnic Rug
Picnic Rug
Picnic Rug
Picnic Rug
Picnic Rug

Picnic Rug

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Heading out for a picnic? Make sure you don't hit a snag with a double-layered Picnic Rug! Transport it with ease in its drawstring pouch and enjoy your outdoor feast with confidence. 

  • Double layered
  • Cotton fabric
  • Reversible with a different colour on each side
  • Comes with a drawstring calico bag for easy storage and transport
  • 200cm x 140cm
  • Machine washable 

Complete your picnic set with our cloth napkins, bamboo straws and cutlery pouches.


Sreythom was born into a family of seven children. When she was in grade seven, Sreythom dropped out of school so she could take up a job as a cleaner, helping to support her family. 

Sreythom got married in her early twenties, but was frequently unwell after giving birth to her children. She stayed at home and worked as a housewife, struggling to manage her health issues at the same time.

In 2017, the staff at HHA Cambodia found Sreythom when they were conducting outreach in her village, around 18km from Siem Reap town. As it turned out, Sreythom had always dreamed of studying sewing, but due to her financial constraints, had never been able to.  

Sreythom’s talent shone through during the 12-month program, and she was hired to make our products once she graduated in 2017. Sreythom notes that she has become patient through learning the new skill, and is more confident to try new things. She says her husband is proud of the brave woman she has become.

Sreythom’s family has officially moved out of poverty thanks to the income she earns through sewing.

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Why choose us?

Ethically Made

These handmade products are made by women who have graduated from the sewing program at Human and Hope Association in Cambodia. This job enables them to earn an income at home, working at their own pace and taking care of their children at the same time. 

Proceeds Support Charity

Proceeds from your purchases support Human and Hope as we continue to empower communities to reduce inequality. We fund education, vocational training and community development programs run by local staff in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Chomrong has not only lifted her family out of poverty, but also now teaches her vocational skills to other women. As a child she left school early to work in construction for a dollar a day. After marrying and having three children, Chomrong wanted to change her life. She studied in HHA Cambodia's sewing program; excelled and set up her own business. From this, Chomrong built a new home, sends her children to school, and inspires other women in her role as a sewing teacher with HHA Cambodia.