Top dishes to eat in Cambodia

Top dishes to eat in Cambodia
The Cambodian or Khmer food is known for fresh ingredients and combines a range of flavours to make incredible dishes. When visiting, you can eat a huge range of food and immerse yourself in the culture by trying the top dishes in Cambodia. The food in Cambodia is usually made up of three to four little dishes, served with rice and soup to compliment the main meal. Incorporating chili to any dish is very common in Cambodia, but of course, heat is a personal preference. What are the top dishes to eat in Cambodia?
Fish Amok
The Fish Amok is possibly the most popular Cambodian dish for visitors. It is a dish combining a rich and creamy sauce, which is made up of a perfect balance of ginger, turmeric, coconut milk and lemongrass. The fish is meant to be a silky smooth, which is just mouth-watering. The Fish Amok is served in a banana leaf.
Green Mango Salad
The Green Mango Salad is similar to the Thai, Som Tum. However, in Cambodia, they make a version using green mango. The salad works well with food that is fried or grilled.
Khmer Red Curry
The Khmer Red Curry isn’t known for being extra hot like the Thai Red Curry. It is often made with fish, beef or chicken along with potatoes, lemongrass, coconut milk and the Cambodian special ingredient, kroeung.
Bai Sach Chruok
A Bai Sach Chrouk dish is grilled pork with broken rice. It is a very yummy marinated pork in coconut milk or garlic and is slowly grilled. It is then served with broken rice in a small bowl with clear chicken broth and fresh vegetables.
Nom Banh Chok
Known as Khmer noodles in English, Nom Banh Chok is a dish locals start the day eating. It is made up of rice noodles with green fish gravy and loads of vegetables including cucumbers, mint leaves, banana blossom, green beans and bean sprouts.
Char Kroeung Sach Ko
Or as known, stir-fried lemongrass beef. Char Kroeung Sach Ko is beef heated in oil with garlic, which is stir-fried until the beef is tender. Then red peppers and onions are added as well as the kroeung mixture. The mixture is made up of lemongrass paste, kaffir lime leaves and galangal.
Ang Dtray-Meuk
This is grilled squid. In Cambodia, you will find a lot of different foods served on a skewer, including spiders and scorpions! The grilled squid is mainly found near the water and is a great snack! We aren’t sure about you, but we are HUNGRY now. Cambodia has a great range of different foods to try, which are full of flavour and create a great experience for any traveller within the country! The key is to enjoy the freshness of the food and embrace the flavours! What meal would you like to try first? Comment below!