Three reasons why shopping ethically helps Cambodians

Three reasons why shopping ethically helps Cambodians

There is a push these days to be more conscious consumers. By being invested in the process and knowing where your products are produced, you can be sure you are supporting fair wages and working conditions. Want to know why you should buy ethical products from Hope on Purpose?

Empowerment of women – All our products are made by Cambodian women. Many women without skills rely on their husbands to survive, creating power imbalances and reliance on spouses. Sewing enables them to earn money and pave the way to independence.

Education of children – Proceeds from the sales of our products support Human and Hope Association, a grassroots NGO in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They educate more than 200 children in English, Khmer, preschool, art, living values and library. This enables the children to have the knowledge and confidence to break the cycle of poverty in the future by going on to study at university or gain stable employment.

Impacts on families- A UNICEF study concluded that raising household income has more of an effect on a child’s education than investing in schools. The children of our seamstresses are more likely to remain in education as their mothers have the money to support them and understand the importance of investing in education. Additionally, once the students begin earning an income their husbands tend to treat them with more respect which results in a reduction in verbal and physical abuse, a more supportive relationship, and a better care system for their children. So as you can see, when you choose to shop ethically with Hope on Purpose, you aren’t just purchasing a product. You are providing hope to Cambodians who are able to stand on their own feet and improve their standard of living. Due to the increased income and independence of our seamstresses, the wider community in Siem Reap are beginning to see women as worthy of respect. This increases the opportunities for girls and women in the future, and will lead to a growth in females being educated, resulting in a safer place for strong, independent women.

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