The strength of a Cambodian Woman

The strength of a Cambodian Woman

We love shining a light on the incredibly inspirational sewing students who study with our program partner, Human and Hope Association. These women are facing multiple challenges in their lives; everything ranging from domestic violence, malnutrition and disease. To commit to a 12-month sewing program and have their families support them takes a lot of courage, and we are so proud of them for their commitment to move out of poverty.

One great example is Sangorb, who makes some of the products you can purchase through our ethical brand, Hope on Purpose.

Sangorb was only able to study until second grade as her parents wanted her to raise their cows, instead. She did this until the age of 13, when she began working as a builder in addition to collecting rattan to make baskets. When she turned 20, Sangorb got married and juggled two jobs as a housekeeper and builders. She fell pregnant, and when her baby was born she stayed at home to look after her child and grew vegetables.

One day when the staff at Human and Hope Association were conducting outreach, they came across Sangorb and told her about their sewing program. She was very keen, however she was dealing with a persistent rash on her body. Not to let this deter her, the wonderful staff at Human and Hope Association referred Sangorb to a partner NGO who provided free health care services for community members.

Sangorb promptly visited the NGO and her illness was cured! Sangorb began studying in the sewing program, and after three months she took out a sewing machine microfinance loan. Demonstrating a great attitude and willingness to learn, she was also hired by Human and Hope Association to be a seamstress and make ethical products at her home for a fair wage. Sangorb graduated from the sewing program in 2016, armed with a full set of skills that she not only uses to make our ethical products, but also to set up a sewing business at her home. And just how does Sangorb feel about this?

“I never imagined I could have a good sewing skill. I only studied until grade two at school and even though I cannot read and write Khmer, I have become a seamstress. I am happy to earn money by myself and my husband is happy, too. Now we don’t have as many arguments as before.”

When you purchase our handmade products you are providing hope to the Cambodian women who make them. Browse through our selection of ethically-made goods now and know that you are making a world of difference with your purchases.

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