Meet Chanly

Meet Chanly

Fourteen-year-old *Chanly has been studying English with HHA Cambodia since 2016. Her teacher says she is courageous, curious, and sociable. She always has a lot of questions in class, and she enjoys explaining the lessons to her classmates. Chanly is the middle child with two sisters. Her mother is a housekeeper and her father is a builder. She has overcome many challenges as a result of growing up in a poor home, allowing her to become a strong and confident girl.

Because HHA Cambodia’s language classes end at a pre-intermediate level, this is her final year in the English program. Regardless, she has a solid foundation in English that will help her learn in the future. Chanly can now communicate fluently in English in the classroom and with friends. She can also give a good English presentation in front of a crowd.

“Chanly is a hard working student. She is eager to improve her English and always makes everyone laugh in the classroom. With her knowledge and confidence, I believe she has a bright career ahead of her.” – Chanly’s teacher

The proceeds from the sale of our products support people like Chanly in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia. Your purchases make a huge difference.

*Name has been changed