Gifts to Buy for your Best Friend

Gifts to Buy for your Best Friend

Your best friend deserves the best, and what better gift to give than one that is ethically-made, supports the empowerment of women and helps a community overcome poverty?

Here are our top picks for the best gifts to buy for your best friend.


How about purchasing matching scrunchies for you and your best friend? We don't think that scrunchies ever went out of style; they are too stylish and handy for that to happen!

Our scrunchies are made from fabric off-cuts and are available in a range of bright colours which will create a spark in even the darkest of Winter outfits!

Cloth Napkins

We don't know about you, but we feel quite fancy and grown up when we use our cloth napkins. Your bestie can use them at a dinner party or picnic, or even as a square placement!

These napkins are made from a thick cotton fabric with high quality stitching.

Bamboo Straws

Is your bestie keen on reducing their environmental footprint? Straws are a great place to start!

Our bamboo straws are handcrafted by Khmer villagers in rural Takeo province, and come in a cotton drawstring pouch. Each bamboo straw can be used roughly 100 times!

Final Thoughts

While we think these are the best gifts for your bestie, we encourage you to browse our website for more options, as we have a gorgeous range of gifts available. 

The products we sell are handmade by the talented graduates from Human and Hope Association Cambodia’s sewing program. Your purchases not only impact these women and their families, but the greater community as well.

We hope your bestie enjoys their gifts!