Fun Facts about Cambodia

Fun Facts about Cambodia

Cambodian and the Cambodian culture is unique, and many people fall in love with the atmosphere and friendly people when they visit. In fact, Cambodia in 2020, Cambodia was crowned the 'Friendliest Country in the World'! Here are some fun facts you may not have known about the Cambodia and their culture.

The head is sacred in Cambodia

Cambodians consider the head to be sacred, as it is the focal point of intelligence and spiritual substance. It's insulting to touch or pat a person's head, so try not to make that mistake! Feet are considered to be unclean (don't we know it!), and it is rude to point your feet at someone.

Cambodians demonstrate a high level of respect for their elders

To ensure a younger person shows respect for an elder person in Cambodia, these are some tips:

  • The younger person should sit at the same level or below the elder
  • You should use both hands when handing something to/receiving something from an elder 
  • If you are posing for a photo with an elder, you shouldn't put your hand on the elder's shoulder
  • Don't start eating before an elder if you are in a group situation 

Birthdays aren't typically celebrated

Many Cambodian's don't remember their exact date of birth, as many are missing their birth certificates or were issues birth certificates with the incorrect date. Instead, Cambodians believe they age another year at Cambodian New Year, which is celebrated in April each year. That makes gift giving easy!

There isn't a McDonalds in Cambodia

Whenever you travel, you are sure to come across those familiar Golden Arches. They provide a comforting sight (unless you are vegan!). However, Cambodia isn't home to a McDonalds. They do have a local burger chain called 'Lucky Burger' which has some delicious, greasy burgers if you are missing your home country.

Wedding celebrations can last for three days

That's right, three days! There are lots of traditions to follow, and hundreds, if not thousands, of friends, family and neighbours attend the celebration. It is considered rude if you are invited to a wedding and don't send someone from your home to attend. 

Angkor Wat is the world's largest religious building

That's right, the magnificent Angkor Wat (whose name translates to “City of Temples”) is the world's largest religious building! The city of Angkor was built in the 12th century as a Khmer capital for King Suryavarman II. To learn about our top tips when visiting Angkor, check out our blog.

What did you think about these fun facts about Cambodia? We'd love to know if you have more to add to the list!