Ever Wanted to Make Your Own Scrunchies?

Ever Wanted to Make Your Own Scrunchies?

Have you ever wanted to sew your own hair accessories, but don’t have a sewing machine? We know we have!

To address this need, we have worked with our program partner, HHA Cambodia, to create a DIY Scrunchies Kit which is exclusively available from Hope on Purpose! 

These kits have been pre-sewn and prepared by graduates from HHA Cambodia’s sewing program, so you won’t need a sewing machine to make your scrunchies! Your purchase of our DIY Scrunchies Kits helps these graduates earn a livelihood, with the proceeds supporting community development programs.

How To Make Your Scrunchies

The instructions to create your own scrunchies are below:

  1. Place a safety pin through the top of a piece of elastic. Thread the safety pin and elastic through one opening of the fabric and out the other, whilst securely holding the unpinned end.
  2. Once the elastic has been pulled through the opening, pin both ends together with the safety pin and scrunch the fabric (which is now in a circle) so it looks like a scrunchie.
  3. Thread a needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread. Remove the safety pin from the elastic, then sew both ends of the elastic together.
  4. Bring the two open ends of the fabric together and sew them together with the stitch you feel most comfortable using (we like to use an invisible stitch).
  5. Tie off the stitch and your scrunchie is ready to wear!

Where To Buy Our Kits

Our DIY Scrunchies Kits are just $9.99 and include everything you need to make two scrunchies:

  • Partially-sewn fabric
  • Elastic
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Safety pin
  • Instructions

We only have a small number of kits available, so get in quick!

Purchase a DIY Scrunchies Kit.