Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Gift Ideas

Oh dear – you’ve left your gift-shopping to the very last minute again! But thankfully, here at Hope on Purpose, the ethical brand of Human and Hope Inc, we’ve got many handmade products available. And what’s more, is that the proceeds will go towards a locally-run community centre in Cambodia! Here’s a quick list to give you some gift ideas:

Junior Elephant Toy (Assorted Colours) ($17.99) This cuddly elephant is the perfect gift for children! Not only does it feature sarong and cotton fabric with synthetic stuffing, but it also comes in five different colours! Plus, who wouldn’t like an elephant toy as a gift? Foldable Eco Bag ($11.99) One of the easiest ways of travelling more ethically is to bring your own bag, so if your friend is going somewhere soon, why not buy them some of these eco-bags? You can use it for your grocery runs, shopping sprees, or even souvenir shopping, and even though the bags themselves are quite big, each one folds into the outer pocket. This means you can easily store it in your handbag. Not only are they super durable and practical, they are also fashionable, and come in a range of colours. A gift that’s pretty, eco-friendly, and practical, what more could your friend or family wish for?

Gift of Education ($10.00) If your loved one doesn’t like physical gifts but is passionate about alleviating social justices in the world, then perhaps the Gift of Education is for them! This gift will provide a Cambodian child with a month of education. The child will participate in daily classes, have access to clean drinking water and attend a library. You will receive a card in the mail that explains what your gift achieves, so your loved one will understand what a big difference they are making! Surprise Pack ($49.99) If your friend, family, or partner likes surprises, this gift is the answer. Our surprise pack features a range of ethically-made handicrafts, and no two gift packs are the same. Just be assured, every box will have something for the entire family, and everything is handmade.


Human and Hope Supporter Pack ($39.95) If your friend, family member, or partner is a big believer in what we do at Human and Hope Inc, then this is the perfect present for them. Each Human and Hope Support Pack includes: - A branded tote - A signed paperback copy of ‘It’s Not About Me’ by our founder and CEO, Sally Hetherington OAM - Three photo gift cards with envelopes - A bookmark - A surprise handicraft that has been made in Cambodia by graduates of the sewing program we support - An e-book that has been written by a student in the education program we support in Cambodia

Final thoughts We hope this list has given you some ideas on gift ideas for your loved one’s birthday. And remember, the funds raised through all of these products will go towards helping to support a locally-run community centre in Cambodia. This means your funds will directly help them to run their own projects within their areas of expertise. If you’re interested in browsing more products by us, check them out here!