A Visit to Australia

A Visit to Australia
Last year we were proud to host Human and Hope Association Cambodia’s Managing Director, Thai, in Australia over a two-week period in May and June. This was Thai’s first time on a plane and travelling abroad. Over the two-week period, Thai had the opportunity to be a guest lecturer at UTS and Macquarie University, attend the ‘It’s Not About Me’ book launch, meet with our donors and see the sights of Sydney, Blue Mountains and the South Coast. Thai shared with us some learning points from his trip, which we wanted to share with you.
  1. Preparing for a visa and my trip: Applying for an Australia visa was not easy, and I learned how to be organized and the process of applying for the visa. As that was my first trip abroad, I did not know much what to prepare and what to do, although Sally explained me and I did some research, but I was still nervous on the check-in and on the plan.
  2. Changing my interest in travel: After visiting Sydney, Australia, I feel that I want to do more travel in my home country as well as abroad because I feel relax and can explore new things.
  3. Australian culture and people: I learned that Australian people are well disciplined, and respect. People come from different countries can live in Australia like their home countries. Moreover, they are active and productive.
  4. Creativity: I learned that they are so creative. The roads, houses, building and resorts are beautiful, and well design.
  5. Clean and tidy: Everywhere is clean and tidy. If I live in Sydney, I don’t care so much about washing my clothes often, as it is not dusty. I am really impressed with how they organize their city and other places to look clean and tidy.
  6. Modern technology: They use technology for almost everywhere and everything in their living such as in their houses, their workplaces and transports.
  7. Lovely nature: I am really impressed with how they make their country green. They grow tree along the road, they have a public garden and they have many beautiful places with green forest.
  8. Skill learning: I met and learned from some expert people, thanks to Sally for organizing. I observed preschool class, so I learned good ideas of how they teach children. I learned other new knowledge about fundraising, and monitoring and evaluation.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to meet with Thai on his visit to Australia. It certainly was a life-changing opportunity for him, one which we hope to offer other Human and Hope Association Cambodia staff in the future!