Foldable Eco-Bag


Our eco-bags are the perfect eco-friendly accessory. Each bag is of ample size to carry a few groceries, your op-shop clothing finds or your fruit and veggies.

The bags are made in Cambodia from colourful cotton fabrics, and each one folds into the outer pocket, meaning you can store it in your handbag instead of having a pile of bags in your car boot that you forget to remove every time you go shopping. Not only are they super durable and practical, they are also fashionable, and come in a range of colours.

Each bag features a long double strap and outer pocket. The bag can be folded quickly and easily into the pocket for ease of storage when not in use. This makes it the perfect accessory to say ‘no’ to plastic bags!

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HOPE is a social enterprise that empowers communities to reduce inequalities. The beautiful handicrafts you see on our website are made in Cambodia by women who have studied in a 12-month sewing program at Human and Hope Association in Siem Reap. These inspirational women are using their skills to overcome poverty and create safe and peaceful lives for their families.

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Our social enterprise is run by Human and Hope Association Inc, an Australian charity registered with the ACNC.

Thanks to your purchases, we can continue to empower communities to reduce inequalities and create safe and peaceful futures.


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