Assorted Scrunchies (3 pack)


What’s better than one scrunchie? Three scrunchies!

Our scrunchies are made in Cambodia from colourful fabric offcuts.  They make stylish accessories for any outfit.

Each Scrunchies Pack has been handmade in Cambodia by women overcoming poverty. These products provide a livelihood for these women and their families, with proceeds supporting education programs in rural Siem Reap.

Please note that because each product is uniquely handmade, the scrunchies you receive may have different fabric to what is shown in the photo. 

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HOPE is a social enterprise that empowers communities to reduce inequalities. The beautiful handicrafts you see on our website are made in Cambodia by women who have studied in a 12-month sewing program at Human and Hope Association in Siem Reap. These inspirational women are using their skills to overcome poverty and create safe and peaceful lives for their families.

When you receive your order in the mail, we would love if you could share a photo with the hashtags:




Our social enterprise is run by Human and Hope Association Inc, an Australian charity registered with the ACNC.

Thanks to your purchases, we can continue to empower communities to reduce inequalities and create safe and peaceful futures.


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